Welcome to the Slanj Trews site

Often we are asked the meaning of our name and why we chose it. The name Slanj derives from the Gaelic saying ‘slainte mhah’ which is pronounced ‘slanj-eeva’. Occasionally it is shortened to ‘Slanj’ which means ‘cheers’ or ‘health’. We chose the name because the meaning encapsulates the spirit of our company and what we hope to achieve.

‘Trews’ is the Scottish term for tartan trousers. We have made it our priority to produce all types of trousers, shorts and plus 4s at our own factory which is based in Scotland, affectionately known as the ‘Hame ae Golf’. With production occurring at our own factory, we are able to assume full control over each stage of the design and manufacturing process. This ensures that all products are handled with care and thoroughly checked before leaving our factory. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality standards at all times.

It is our pleasure to introduce our latest 2013 collection, boasting 15 unique designs which offer an outstanding variety for you to choose from.

We are also delighted to offer our bespoke design service, whereby our products can be made in any tartan to fulfill your requirements. If you therefore can not find the clan tartan which you desire then please contact us and we will source you’re requested material.

If you are seeking traditional dress trousers or kilts, then please visit Slanj Kilts

We do not keep the trousers in stock, we keep the fabric in stock and the products are specially made for each order. Therefore orders can take up to 2 weeks to complete. If you require the products for a certain occassion please email us and we can give you a more accurate delivery date. We offer Group Discounts with the discount amount varying on the group number. Contact us for more details.