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Sizing & Measurement Guide

Welcome to the Slanj Trews Self Measurement Guide

Eager golfer? Not too keen on wearing a kilt for a formal event? Or just simply looking to get a nice pair tartan trousers? Look no further! Made-to-Order Tartan Slanj Trews have never been easier to get, just follow the steps below, send over the details and within weeks your bespoke tartan trews will be ready!

Slanj Trews are made-to-order, we would recommend you go a size bigger than your usual measurement, or your favourite high street brand. Provide us with your height as well so we can make your trousers fit you perfectly! Stand in a relaxed position, this way your clothes will fit you comfortably and follow your natural body line.

Slanj Trews Tartan Trousers Measuring Guide

Slanj Trews Tartan Trousers Measuring Guide

Trews: Self Measurement

  • A. Measure where the waistband will sit, this depends on how you would like your trousers to fit. For formal trousers, this will be higher, start by measuring the natural waistline (the midriff), just as for kilt.
  • B. Measuring the seat for a pair of trousers is the same as for a kilt. To measure the seat, start by placing the measuring tape around the fullest part of your backside, make sure the measuring tape is not too tight-nor too loose, but fits comfortably.

If you're still unsure about measuring yourself, you can always book an appointment to come in store to get measured up. Click here to book an appointment:

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